Buy a Tiger online? NOW it's possible

Our stores provide you the most original pets EVER!

It was a dream until yesterday, now it's true. Directly from our India breedings, we give you the possibility to buy a tiger ONLINE and without any trouble.
Tiger is probably the strongest feline predator on earth, but you will discover that it can be a lovely pet as well, loyal, friendly and TOTALLY HARMLESS.
We have been shipping tigers worldwide since 1984, giving our lucky customers the chance to own the most fashionable animal in earth.
We ship the tigers via sea everywhere in the world, .
Obviously, a tiger isn't an animal for everyone. This is for true nature lovers and purists, and it comes 5 months old, already trained to be nice with its owner, to eat meat and respond to basilar voice orders.

We'll send you the breeding manual together with your little tiger, that will let you know EVERYTHING about this marvellous animal, his diet, training and health.

Obviously, you will need much more information before you purchase a Tiger and make a reservation. You can MAIL US with all of your questions, we'll send back as soon as possible.

The full Tiger Pack costs 13400$ and includes:

a 5 months old female tiger
• The original HELLO TIGER guide
• An IVORY collar (ext. value: $1200)
• Three tiger toys (ext. value: $160)

We only accept money orders and personal U.S. Checks.

MAIL US for tigers lists and reservations.

Thank You Very Much for your interest. ROARRR!

• We are the ONLY ONES IN THE WORLD selling tigers online

• We ONLY sell 5 m.o. FEMALE tigers with vaccinations

• We DON'T sell siberian WHITE TIGERS

• We DON'T ship tigers in places not fitting their climate needs. Please mail us to know if you are eligible.

• We DON'T sell more than a tiger to single customers. Two tigers shouldn't stay together, for their safety.

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